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What UX designers can learn from 1990s Japanese video games

chronotrigger_scene_03 I’m writing this from a slightly saddened perspective, revisiting my favorite SNES RPGs and realizing something: I’ve been spoiled by modern UX design. The sentiment is pretty universal. Read More


Why it’s so easy to ignore your to-do list app but get distracted by Twitter

mhfOvYR I’ve spent the past month in a daze, trying to make sense of my own tasks and responsibilities while forcing myself to adhere to a system I came up with that simply doesn’t work. You can never anticipate how your “perfectly designed” task-management system can fail. It’s our own nature — we’re so sure of ourselves — that makes us think our idea… Read More


Astonishment, Expectations And Reality In User Experience

people binoculars After my recent article about empty states, I was lucky enough to get an interview request from Holly Jade, a user experience (UX) designer with serious credentials including TEDx, Apple and Google. During the interview, I went into terrified-rambling-mode. Read More