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Justin Trudeau promises to stay positive during divisive election campaign

Speaking at a Liberal fundraising breakfast at Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York hotel, the prime minister said he plans to focus on bringing people together.

“We’re going to have to stand in the face of what very likely will be negative, divisive campaigns while we stay positive, because we know that scaring people and dividing people might lead to short-term electoral gains, but it ends up hurting your capacity to govern for everyone,” Trudeau told a group of supporters.

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NBA Bloopers – The Starters

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Raptors’ Pascal Siakam Scores Game Winner vs Suns

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The Cannabis Billionaire Who Doesn’t Smoke Weed

See, morning is a sacred time for the 46-year-old CEO, who has two rules for starting the day: Always eat breakfast. Don’t eat with anybody but your kids. Though abiding by rule No. 2 means eating alone, if he’s on the road—which is a lot these days, particularly since Kennedy’s company, Tilray, went public in July. 

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Kobe Bryant on the Mamba Mentality

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Will Smith: Jada Finally Broke Me

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Spice follows up new lighter look with Black Hypocrisy Music Video

Spice made waves with this her new lighter appearance on the eve of releasing a powerful music video for “black hypocrisy” about colorism in the black community.


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I just realize that she needs a name i’ve seen so many funny names . Help me name the brown spice. #Flour #Salt #Seasonsalt #rice #lasco #curry ???? 😂🤣😂🤣😂

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Punches thrown at Rockets vs Lakers game


Kawhi reacts to standing ovation at home opener

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Did he go too far? T.I. has a Melania Trump look alike naked in new Music video

Watch here: T.I. has a Melania Trump look alike naked in his new Music video trailer.