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Real Time Social Media Use. Unbelievable Numbers

One of the biggest uses of mobile devices is for people to go on social media. The development of handy apps allows the user to access their social media account in just one click, with many people having multiple social media accounts on different apps. In a minute, there are on average 7,002.27 active users on Facebook alone, 980,323.85 likes, 50,723.20 shares, and 66,719 photo tags. Twitter has 7,446.34 active users and 279.51 tweets. Instagram has 7,002.27 active users with 175,057.36 photos uploaded every single minute.

These statistics give just a brief insight to the amount of time people spend on their mobile phones and a number of uses that they find for a mobile device. As technology develops, it is likely that the uses of a mobile device will continue to increase. For a more detailed insight into mobile usage in real time, head over to the infographic created by PlayMobi.